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Nail Tool Disposable Nail Finger Gloves Latex Fingers Tips Protective Cover Glove Protector Cots 260PCS 美甲用品 一次性手指套
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- Color: White
- The raw material is 100% concentrated natural latex.
- Has a good protective effect, sweat damage products to prevent the human fingertip produced, to avoid skin allergies, to prevent the pollution to the fingertips perspiration components, thin flexible fingers fingertip to tighten the internal operation, design appropriate to avoid finger fatigue, affordable.
- It is suitable for precise instrument installation, watch and clock factory, electronic component factory, laboratory, LCD assembly and purification workshop, etc..

- Each length: 65mm
- Weight: 0.5g
- Thickness: 0.12mm
- Packaging: About 260PCS / Pack

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